Book Review: UNMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging

Scott Stratten's Unmarketing book cover for review by picture-soup.comIf you want to get out of the “push and pray” rut and start the more responsive “pull and stay” approach to reaching and influencing your customers—then Scott Stratten’s UNMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging, published by Wiley (; ISBN 978-0-470-61787-8) is the book you need to read. It’s a new view of [un]marketing—in the age of social networking, all access media outlets and building relationships with those consumers who are the voices of their peer groups.

In addition to being chock full of helpful tips and tricks that you can implement right away, the author has a writing style that’s just plain fun to read. The book jacket was designed to look like Kraft paper; the bar code on the back of the book jacket looks like it was taped into place. UNMarketing is well-written, the chapters are short, easy to read, and understand, and one of the best parts of the book… is the footnotes. Yes, the footnotes. They’re funny, nonsensical, and most are there only to break up the monotony of the pages—only UNMarketing is an enjoyable read, it isn’t stuffy or long-winded. And, its pages are filled with proven [un]marketing techniques—ideas sure to make a difference in your business, no matter what profession you’re in.

Things are different in today’s digital world. Consumers are using new avenues to get their information, and it’s important to engage your customers where they are. Stratten offers clear-cut tips for utilizing social media, viral marketing and plain-old good conversation to build relationships that translate into results. They just work! So stop going about marketing your business like you’ve been doing before and expecting a new outcome.

This book review is relatively short and sweet, an homage to UNMarketing. Why use a dozen words to describe something that only needs a few.UNMarketing: Stop Marketing, Start Engaging is a good book. Pick up a copy today. It’s only $24.95, and is well worth it.

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— Diane Berkenfeld


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