Lensbaby Adds Scout – the First Non-Bendable Lensbaby Lens

Lensbaby has added a new lens to its line, the Lensbaby Scout, a manual focus SLR lens that utilizes the company’s Optic Swap System but does not bend like other Lensbaby lenses. The Scout ships with the Fisheye Optic, giving photographers the ability to shoot with a 12mm (160-degree) ultra-wide angle of view. And, because the Fisheye can focus from infinity to 1/2-inch from the front of the lens, the Fisheye Optic will allow users to create very unique images.

Due to the extremely wide angle of view of the Fisheye Optic, photographers using cameras that feature full frame image sensors will generally see a black circle around almost the entire image, and those with cameras using the APS-sized sensor will see black at the corners of their images. The Fisheye Optic can also create unique flare effects in an image, creating a light filled border when a strong light source is in the frame.

Although the Lensbaby Scout ships with the Fisheye Optic, the other Lensbaby Optic Swap System optics can also be used, including the Soft Focus, Pinhole/Zone Plate, Double Glass, Single Glass and Plastic. And because the Scout does not bend, the sweet spot of focus will always be centered in the middle of the photograph.

The Lensbaby Scout is available in lens mounts for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Olympus Four/Thirds DSLR cameras.

The Scout with Fisheye retails for $249.95. For more information, go to www.lensbaby.com.

— D.B.


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