Product Review: Tabelz

By Diane Berkenfeld


The Primary Table attached to a tripod, makes a convenient computer table for shooting tethered or just working on the computer in an office or on the go.

Tabelz are a unique item for photographers who shoot tethered on location or in the studio. Tabelz are portable laptop computer stands that come in seven sizes, designed to meet the needs of individual users. The primary Table holds your laptop, and has a non-skid surface that doesn’t allow for it to slide off; a raised lip at the front also ensures your computer will be safe. You just screw it down on your tripod head like you would a camera, or if you use a quick release plate, screw the Primary Table to the plate, slide onto your tripod, and lock it down. If you use a mouse, add on a Side Table, which can be put on either the right or left side, whichever you normally use. The Side Tables slide right into a slot on the underside of the Primary Table, for a secure fit.

What is unique and great about them is that they sit on a tripod. You can purchase a Tabelz from the company by itself or you can purchase one of four Manfrotto tripods that they offer as optional accessories. Or, you can use the Primary Table with your own tripod and head.

When you go to the company’s website, you can search for your laptop to find the correct size Primary Table to match your computer.

Primary Tables start at $59.95 and Side Tables are $19.95 each.

Tabelz in Actual Use

I tested out a Tabelz, and found that they are convenient additions to a photographer’s gear bag in more than one way. Using a Tabelz on-site when shooting tethered is especially helpful—and much better than trying to balance your laptop on a chair at a catering hall (which I’ve seen many photographers do), or dragging a large folding table with you (I’ve also seen this done.) The Tabelz look professional, take up little room, and work well. They’re also good if you shoot tethered in a shooting room or studio, taking up less room than a regular table.

In addition to using them while shooting, Tabelz also make a very convenient laptop stand when you’re just working on images, typing, or blogging. And because the Tables sit on a tripod, you already know you can get it at the perfect height you need, just raise or lower the center column or legs. (I call this working instinctively—you don’t have to figure out how some odd contraption works—because it’s a tripod, likely one that you already own.)

Go to the website for more information.


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