Canon Introduces PowerShot G12

Canon’s PowerShot G12 is one of those P&S cameras that is so much more than a P&S, and that’s why we’re including it here. Just introduced today, the camera’s predecessors have been a popular choice by professional photographers as their “carry around anytime/all the time” camera, and we’re sure the new G12 will be just as hot.

The PowerShot G12 is packed with many of the features that were found in the PowerShot G11, the camera that it replaces, with the addition of High Def video capture and Canon’s HS (High Sensitivity) system. The G12 utilizes a 10MP High Sensitivity CCD sensor and Canon’s proprietary DIGIC 4 image processor to reduce noise.

Other features of the camera include 720p HD video recording, a full range of shooting and recording modes, a 5x optical zoom with image stabilization, a 2.8-inch LCD, and now, an HDR (high dynamic range) scene mode. Optional accessories include Canon Speedlite flashes, an underwater housing, and a tele-converter lens.

Canon is scheduled to ship the G12 in early October for an estimated price of $499.99. For more info, go to

Incidentally, the Canon PowerShot G series of cameras is one of those often chosen for Infrared conversion, as we found out when we researched a recent article on the 100th Anniversary of Infrared Photography. To read that article, click here.

— Diane Berkenfeld


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