Sinar p-slr Incorporates 35mm DSLR and View Camera in One

Sinar Photography AG, introduced the Sinar p-slr, professional attachment for 35mm DSLR cameras to Sinar view cameras earlier this summer.

The Sinar p-slr was designed for photographers who want to the advantages of working with a view camera and the convenience of a DSLR.

(l. to r.) Sinar p-slr with Nikon DSLR; Sinar p-slr with Canon DSLR for article

(l. to r.) Sinar p-slr with Nikon DSLR attached to shoot horizontal; Sinar p-slr with Canon DSLR attached, ready to shoot vertically.

Large format photography allows for the exact control of perspectives and selective sharpness which can be set and evaluated precisely on a view camera.

The modular Sinar p-slr allows photographers using Canon or Nikon bodies to add view camera movements and the use of Rodenstock or other medium/large format lenses to their photography. Adapters for other brands of DSLRs are available.

A quick locking adapter that comes with the Sinar p-slr allows photographers to switch between horizontal and vertical shooting in seconds. You can also shoot tethered to a computer as well as add an external monitor for easy viewing of images in a studio shooting environment.

A positioning- and centering aid serves for the exact positioning of the digital single lens reflex camera on the optical axis. That ensures that the sensor of the digital camera is positioned perfectly for vertical as well as horizontal exposures. This function is essential for making full use of the advantages of the view camera.

The Sinar p-slr joins such other large format cameras that offer incorporation of 35mm DSLRs such as Horseman and Cambo cameras.

MSRP for the Sinar p-slr is just under $8,000.

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— Diane Berkenfeld


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