Gary Fong Launches GearGuard System for Cameras and Camera Bags

Gary Fong, pro photographer and developer of photographic accessories, known for his portable lighting products has launched a new line of products for photographers. Called GearGuard, the line consists of a series of camera and equipment security devices. The flagship products include the GearGuard Camera Body Lock and the GearGuard Bag Lock, both of which are designed to safeguard a camera from the snatch-and-grab thief.

gary fong gearguard body lock for news item

The GearGuard Camera Body Lock attached to a camera at the tripod mount..

The GearGuard system uses a Camera Body Lock that attaches to the camera, a security cable and combination lock. The Camera Body Lock attaches to the camera’s tripod mount and can remain attached during shooting. The screw, which attaches the lock to the camera body, features a threaded port, enabling the camera to maintain full compatibility with a tripod, ballhead or quick release plate.

The GearGuard Bag Lock further prevents roaming hands from getting into a camera bag by attaching to the Quick-Release closure on the bag.

gary fong gearguard body lock for news item

The GearGuard Bag Lock covers a camera bag's quick-release lock so the bag can't be opened. We assume that for this to work as it is designed, any compartment zipper needs to be zippered shut before the lock is put on.

“For years, photographers have had serious concerns about the vulnerability of their equipment  to theft while they’re busy shooting an event or working with customers, and we all have horror stories about expensive gear turning up missing. Whether you measure the value of your camera and gear in hundreds or thousands, our compact GearGuard products will ensure safe travel and storage at an affordable price,” said Gary Fong, photographer and CEO of Gary Fong, Inc. “With the launch of our GearGuard line, photographers can safely devote their full attention to their craft rather than continually worrying about their costly equipment.”

Both the GearGuard Camera Body Lock and the Bag Lock (which is sold as a set of two units) are sold for $9.95.  The Combination Lock and 36” steel security cable is sold separately for $9.95.

The company plans to expand the GearGuard line in the future. For more information, go to

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