HighKey Straps makes What the Duck Camera Straps and more

Aaron Johnson's WTD character.

Here at Picture-soup.com we love What the Duck, the adorable cartoon strip created by Aaron Johnson featuring a Duck who just happens to be a professional photographer. The strip follows WTD and his photographer friends in their exploits and experiences [that all photographers can relate to]. Recently we received an email alerting us that there are now two different What the Duck camera straps available. We decided to look further… and found an interesting company doing the manufacturing.

What the Duck camera straps are created by HighKey Straps, with materials sourced in the USA and hand-assembled in Southern California. HighKey was founded last year by Tom Baker and Andie Haugen, two Brooks Institute of Photography students who wanted more than the “same old, same old” dull camera strap that are attached to masses of cameras around the world.

The two What the Duck camera straps made by HighKey Straps.

HighKey straps are 24″ long, with adjustable black leads that allow a total possible length of 44″. The underside of all straps are lined with a textured, non-slip material. The company offers a variety of camera strap designs/colors, and you can even create your own design. Simply use the Photoshop template provided on their website and design your own strap using any picture, logo or design you want.

Two of the many camera strap designs offered by HighKey Straps.

Go to the website at www.highkeycamera.com for more information.

If you’ve never heard of What the Duck before, we insist you go to whattheduck.net now!

— Diane Berkenfeld


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