Product Review: Accessory Genie's Universal Battery Charger

I’ve been using the Universal Battery Charger from Accessory Genie for the last few months, and I’ve gotta say, its pretty convenient to be able to use one charger for multiple camera batteries. I have a Nikon D100 as well as a couple point & shoots from different manufacturers. I’d misplaced the charger for the Nikon battery and was debating whether or not to purchase a replacement when I had the opportunity to test out the Accessory Genie Universal Charger. It works just as well as the Nikon branded charger.

On a recent trip to Nevada, I brought the Nikon DSLR and a Fujifilm P&S. Instead of packing the Universal Charger and the Fujifilm’s battery charger I just brought the Accessory Genie Universal Charger. It was much more convenient. Less stuff to carry, and it worked great. It even shows the level of charge while the batteries are charging.

The charger works with over 100 different camera battery models and uses four interchangeable plates—you just find the one that fits the battery you want to charge. The packaging includes a listing of which batteries use which plate, but each plate also notes which batteries utilize that plate and where to place the battery to charge it. You can even charge AA and AAA NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries with the unit too, which makes it really convenient. No need to use yet another charger for those batteries.

Other features include the ability to use with either US or International voltage; and a car adapter as well as the wall power plug. To find out if Accessory Genie’s Universal Charger is compatible with your camera’s batteries, check out the website at

— Diane Berkenfeld


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