Product Review: Trendy Camera Straps

A camera strap is pretty much one of the photography accessories that everyone owns. Most likely the one on your camera came with it – whether it is a point and shoot with a wristlet strap or a DSLR with a strap that bears the name of the manufacturer. There are also the padded straps that are offered by a few companies.

But we’ve found a cool new company – Trendy Camera Straps that offer the coolest handmade camera straps in a wide variety of designs for P&S and DSLR cameras, in styles that will appeal to both ladies and guys. The company even offers custom branding designs. Straps are available in wristlet and neck strap styles. DSLR straps are wider than the P&S styles, but whichever cameras you own, you’ll want to adorn each with its own Trendy Camera Strap.

If you want your camera – and its strap – to be an extension of your fashion sense and style, then you need to give Trendy Camera Straps a try. Trendy Camera Straps give your camera style.

— Diane Berkenfeld


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  1. Gail says:

    And if you really want to be cool, match those straps with a jill-e camera bag and you will be the chicest photographer around, I did and I get complements all the time!

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